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How Forex Trading Works

Despite what some people think those involved in Forex trading are not actually buying and selling various currencies. Instead Forex traders are borrowing money through a margin account to buy and sell contracts to buy and sell currencies.

Forex Broker Plays Tricks, Accept This And Evolve Your Trading Style!

Live trading has proved to be very different from demo trading – this is something you must have learned by now. This is caused by your broker’s behaviour and is absolutely understandable – but is there a way to overcome this discrepancy?

Find Out the 5 Key Benefits From Managed Forex Trading and 6 Hints to Notice Poor Operators

Do you know the key benefits of managed forex trading? Do you how to notice a immoral operator? If not, you have found the correct article to examine.

Forex Strategies – Daily Charts Are Your Friend

Forex trading can be a very profitable business if you know what you are doing and most importantly have the time to do it. Most new traders get into the game learn about scalping and making the quick bucks trading on 5min and 15min time frames. While the lower time frames do work for many people and many are profitable with that time of trading, I find it constraining with my lifestyle.

US Dollar Being Thrashed by Its Own Central Bank

Who truly is the biggest manipulator of currency among the major players? Many blame China and Japan but look at home where the U.S. Central Bank is printing money like there is no tomorrow. This is not necessarily a bad thing but is it a good idea?

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