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Trading Techniques – W D Gann Method

W. D. Gann is a name that many professional traders know well. Gann’s 1942 book How to Make Profits in Commodities is a classic trading text that is full of sound advice covering topics from market trends, to isolated highs and lows, to swing trading, to volume analysis, to individual psychology and money management.

Trading Techniques – The Elliott Wave

The Elliott wave principle is primarily a trend-following school of technical analysis that describes market movements as waves. It is named after the market analyst R. N. Elliott, who published his ideas in two books: The Wave Principle (1938) and Nature’s Laws-The Secret of the Universe (1946).

Basic Fibonacci

Fibonacci numbers are not something new to the world. In fact, they were created by a man named Leonard Fibonacci. He was born around 1170 to a wealthy Italian merchant. He aided his father in operating a trading post in South Africa. The young Fibonacci soon learned that arithmetic with the Hindu-Arabic numerals were much simpler than Roman numerals.

Forex Made Easy With Great Systems

You can try the forex made easy software that is fast catching up among many forex traders these days. They are experiencing a never before chance of making quick money on the…

Trading Tip – Buying Strength and Selling Weakness

One of the most widely made mistakes by nonprofessional traders results from not understanding the concept of buying strength and selling weakness. Professional traders, in contrast, make a living by taking advantage of this concept.

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