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Trending and Counter Trending Behavior

A trending market is one in which the directional bias is obvious and can be seen on the chart by a pattern of highs, lows, and closes moving in the same direction. A counter trending market is one in which there is no obvious direction other than sideways.

Patience and Trading

Patience is equal in value to discipline in this game; both are priceless. We’ve always suspected that the reason 90 to 95 percent of retail traders lose their money is that they have no patience.

How to Get the Best Auto Forex Program

Today there are two major types of forex program: the auto forex program and signal generators. Both work to make your life more convenient and easier in the forex market and one third of all forex traders currently use this technology to aid them in their trading. Given the immense popularity of this technology, there are now more programs on the market than ever. This is a guide devoted to separating fact from fiction in seeing through the hype so that you can select the best auto forex program or signal generator.

Discipline in Trading

It means not throwing good money after bad and not succumbing to the rush of making fast money. This is particularly important after a trader has had a profitable streak. You will find that once you’ve had a profitable trade or a string of profitable trades, you miss not being in the market.

How Forex Dealers Make Money

If you are looking for over-the-counter market makers, then you should check out for forex dealers. As soon as you buy a pair of currency, the dealers sell you the same pair. In the same way when you sell a pair they buy it from you. And the trillions of dollars that are traded daily in the currency market happen because dealers in forex make it happen that way. It is the buying and selling across the globe that determines price movements and the swings of currency prices.

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