Bitcoin Price Prediction – Scenario 1

6 Reasons Why Trading Forex Is Attractive

Have you ever wondered why are most people taking up an interest in trading Forex? Are you in the midst of choosing which financial instruments to trade? In here I will discuss 6 reasons why trading Forex could be appetizing for you!

Simulation Setup for MT4 Expert Advisor

These are a few issue that I discovered when simulating with MT4 using History data. As the quality and accuracy of the history depends very much related to your trading strategy indicator and stoploss & profit taking.

Treasury Bills

Treasury bills are government instruments used to manage liquidity in an economy, in the sense that it is used to mop up funds. Their popularity is mainly due to their simplicity. Essentially, T-bills are a way for the U.S. government to raise money from the public.

Why Forex? Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

In these uncertain economic times, many people are thinking about their retirement as well as the future of their sons and daughters. For several decades, making an investment in real estate properties or the stock market were considered stable vehicles to keep ahead of inflation and build a nest egg. Regardless how volatile the markets got, the more educated investor had their eye on the long haul and more or less felt in charge of their portfolio’s.

Forex Trading Robots – Myth or Reality

Robot currency trading is quite a new strategy that has been created for easing traders’ everyday work. With online automatic trading, any Foreign Exchange Market trader can leverage with the market expertise of online traders, even if they have no experience.

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